Expanding Science

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Title: Expanding Science
Published by: AAPS Press
Release Date: November 28, 2020
Pages: 500
ISBN13: 978-1735449128


This volume is part of the AAPS book series Advances in Postmaterialist Sciences. Postmaterialism offers the potential for a new paradigm to emerge, one that can not only help science develop in novel ways, but also offers an important contribution to the ongoing transformation in human consciousness. At last, we are reaching a tipping point in the accumulation of evidence and deeper understanding, and the old materialist worldview has started to crumble. This anthology is a landmark publication, helping to light the way forward on this extraordinary journey toward a postmaterialist science and society. The majority of the contributors found in this volume are internationally known scientists and visionaries who are challenging the scientific status quo, and their viewpoints are, at times, markedly divergent from the mainstream. As editors of this anthology, we have encouraged the contributors to offer their personal perspectives on what the postmaterialist paradigm might be like. To do so, the contributors were free to discuss any empirical evidence they felt were relevant and important. While this book is relevant to experts from various academic disciplines, it is also written for those with an interest in science, consciousness, mind-brain relationship, philosophy, and spirituality.