Research Projects

Ongoing Research Study on Near Death Experiences and Meditation. (June, 2016)

I am currently conducting a research study on people who have had an NDE and the extent to which this leads persons to begin a practice of meditation or centering prayer in order to reconnect with the state of the NDE.

If you have had an NDE, and would like to be part of the study, could you contact me? I would like you to send me by e-mail (

  1. A description of your NDE (including the date, the circumstances, and a detailed description of your experiences).
  2. Whether or not it led you to explore spirituality to a greater degree, and specifically if you began a meditation practice or centering prayer or other spiritual practice after the NDE.
  3. A description of the events after your NDE that led you to begin to practice meditation/centering prayer or other practice.
  4. The extent to which any moments or experiences in your spiritual practice helped you reconnect with your original NDE experience.